Camping Equipment Rental : Powering your next event !

Camping Equipment Rental : Powering your next event !

September 12, 2018

We have been running outdoor programs for the past 15 years. One key thing that enables us to run successful events is the right logistics. And we have a lot of equipment. A whole warehouse in fact!


From camping equipment to safety and broadcast, we have it all! And now these are individually categorized and digitized for your online browsing. 

We aim to offer our rentals at the most reasonable rates in Singapore and welcome feedback on our pricing and rental policies so that we can continually improve our offering. 

Apart from hard fixtures we also sell disposable units like our eco-friendly causal grill (great for searing wagyu beef) as well as set up of campfires and charcoal stoves. 

We have serviced many private individuals, corporate HR execs and ministries looking to run their own program and it has been a seamless process. 

Just help us take care of our equipment and return them in the condition we let them out and we will make sure to give you a great deal that doesn't require much thought. 

The process is simple just drop us a WhatsApp and we will get you hooked up ! 


So whether its Sandcastle Building Tools to Megaphones, from 6-man tents to small/large water dispensers look no further . Give us a call and our helpful operator will help check your requirements and the availability of our equipment. 

Even if you require drop off and pickup at your campsite we can have that arranged at the appropriate fees .  

Camp High Achievers: Equipment RentalCamp High Achievers: Equipment Rental

Camp High Achievers: Equipment Rental
















Quick and easy booking procedures, simply visit our Carousell page to make a booking:

Camp High Achievers: Equipment Rental

Alternatively, you could visit our main website and make the booking there as well:

Camp High Achievers: Equipment Rental

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