Brompton Modification

Which parts of the Brompton should I modify?

April 16, 2021

Without a doubt, personalizing your Brompton via Modifications is part of the excitement of owning one.

Stock parts are extremely durable, they are designed for rigorous daily usage of the Brompton. Nonetheless, the Stock Brompton has room for upgrades.

Before you modify, do take some time to think about your personal riding profile is. Do you really need these modifications? It would be a costly endeavor if you were to modify but ultimately revert back to stock parts simply because they fit your profile better.

We have personally done a 3-speed external cog upgrade and it has been extremely satisfying. The improved performance is truly remarkable, with the exception of Mt Faber, it is sufficient to ride around anywhere in Singapore.

Brompton Modifications

We can profile Brompton modifications into the following categories:
- Rolling: Improving the Roll of a folded Brompton
- Weight: Reducing the overall weight with lightweight parts
- Performance: Smoother ride, Sturdier & More responsive parts
- Aesthetics: Improving the look of the bike

If you are looking for comfort, the first parts that you should upgrade are the parts that you physically come into with.
- Grips
- Saddle
- Pedals

These parts will may not significantly increase the aesthetics of your Brompton but they will make for an immensely comfortable ride and give the most “return” for your money. We wholeheartedly recommend these to be upgraded.

Should you be looking to improve top speed, climbing ability, and stopping power. These upgrades would be crucial to improving your performance.
- Wheelset
- Tires
- Chain
- Chain Ring
- Shifter
- Suspension block
- Chain tensioner

Brompton Modification


By sharing our experience with you, we aim to provide you with a better idea on the potential modifications available in the market right now. 

We can provide advice, but should you be modifying any parts do go to someone who is reputable or qualified to help you do so. Finding the right mechanic to assist you is even more important than finding the parts for your Brompton.

We are open to discussions and sharing more, should you be keen you can always contact us. You could write to us at or text us at


Eugene Lim - Programme Manager Brompton Experiences


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