Arctic Odyssey 2018

Arctic Odyssey 2018

June 27, 2018

Singapore, a hot and humid country right smack near the equator, experiences an average temperature of 27.7 Degrees.  Snow is therefore a luxury that many local children would be unable to experience firsthand without leaving the country.  Step forward Arctic Odyssey, a winter themed camp organised by High Achievers held at Snow City Singapore from 1-2 June 2018.

36 children from the ages of 6-12 participated in a series of mentally stimulating and physically challenging programmes and activities designed to instil core values of perseverance, creativity, teamwork in students, as well as to teach them scientific concepts through interactive hands-on experiments and demonstrations.  Students were also taught camp-craft techniques such as rope-tying, tent-pitching, and even enjoyed a scrumptious picnic under the stars enjoying food cooked by our very own Instructors!  Lastly, true to the name Arctic Odyssey, campers were also given the opportunity to experience the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic when they frolicked in the snow-filled chambers of Snow City.

As the camp ticked towards its conclusion, it was with heavy hearts that we bid the students goodbye.  With their newly acquired skills and experiences, they returned home to the loving arms of parents, tired but excited to share the multitudes of experiences gleaned from the past 2 days with their parents.



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