Pasir Ris Heritage Chalet

Situated in the private coastlines of Pasir Ris, Heritage Chalet is a quiet and rustic training venue for group sizes ranging from 80 to 200 pax. High Achievers has conducted numerous programmes for school and corporate groups Heritage Chalets. 

The site has a total of 6  bungalows with four bedrooms each. There are a total of 8 beds per bungalow. Wifi, BBQ facilities and direct access to the Pasir Ris Beach are some of the reasons why Heritage Chalet is a preferred choice for schools and universities.  

Heritage Chalets offers the possibility of a wide variety of land and sea activities which can be conducted by High Achievers. These include station activities, rafting, kayaking and campfires

The enclosed compound provides a safe training environment  when all 6 bungalows are engaged allowing for tent pitching and campfire activities in the open field area. High Achievers is able to offer sentry services to meet your safety and security requirements. 

High Achievers will oversee bookings, conduct risk assessments, ease check-in and facilitate your programme to ensure the best learning outcome. 

Please allow for a minimum 4 weeks lead time for booking of complete facilities and design of your training programme.