Japan Brompton Cycling Expedition - BromptoRando Japan 2023

For the few who have the pleasure of owning a Brompton, now is an experience of a lifetime. This expedition is a test of skill and endurance as you traverse 900km of pristine countryside and breathtaking water bodies.

Push your limits for 10 days through our carefully curated cycling stages and rest in the accommodations.

Learn what it means to tour with pro-touring specialists and how to overcome personal challenges. Enjoy challenging and travel light from town to town. 


Dates :

14/4/2023 - 24/4/2023

Rates :

The entry fee of S$2800 for the 2023 BromptoRando and includes :

9 nights in hostel/hotel, 2 Tour leaders, 1 Brompton mechanic, 1 Official T-shirt, Bike Number, GPS Official track.

Not includes : meals, drinks, train and bus tickets, flight.


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We do understand competition. And yet, we don’t see the BromptonRando as a race. It is an adventure. It is an experience.

What makes us ride our bike? It certainly is about going fast and going high. But not only. Your BromptoRando adventure is also about opening your eyes, enjoying the sceneries, trying to get a grasp of the culture of this country, meeting some of the locals and enjoying the company of fellow entrants.

It is not about competing against the others. It is about challenging yourself. The difference is subtle.

So, challenge yourself, breathe Japanese air, and enjoy the ride with us!

Meet the Tour Leaders


Born and Bred roman but naturalised Japanese, four years ago and lived in Tokyo ever since. I am an ex-pro-Brompton-rider, 2 times (yes twice) World Champion in the category of the "Brompton World Team" raced in London UK where I lived for three years. I have worked with bicycles all my life and particularly with Brompton bicycles. I hope to see you soon in one of my Brompton tours around the World!


Born in Rome in 1976, always passionate about endurance sports, participated in the toughest races in the world (ironman, 24h ciclismo, marathon des sables), became passionate about Brompton in 2012 winning various team and individual competitions.in the last few years he has turned his attention to the world of cycling with a passion for using Brompton for long journeys around the world.