Design Thinking Via Archery Half Day (PSG Special)

Special PSG March Holiday Program. 

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How does one create a precise instrument with common recyclable materials? How does the weight distribution of arrows make a difference? Problem-solving and critical thinking is a process that is made fun through the use of Archery as a learning platform. Participants have the opportunity to solve design problems and in the process create their very functional Archery set. Our team of trainers will facilitate inter-team competitions to test their designs and help improve them through tinkering and re-engineering. Participants will also be introduced to video editing to document their STEM journey. Ignite their interest today!

Fees include : 

-Training Materials

-Building Materials

-Program Booklet and reflection log

Materials and training program for design thinking and development


Program objective: Problem Solving Via STEM / Focus / Creativity

To use engineering principles to create a working archery kit. To customize and improve on designs through activities that test the design of the constructed bows and to develop a mindset of continual improvement through tinkering and testing. To have a practical appreciation of angles and trajectory. To express  To spark the child's interest in creating, personal design and storytelling skills.