Zihui Yeo

Zihui was looking for a job that involved an excellent mixture of event management and interacting with children. She has always had a passion for hospitality jobs, serving customers to put a smile on their face. While she has a Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management, she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and found that being a programme consultant would do exactly just that.

While Zihui did not have experience in Outdoor Education, Zihui has attended many cohort camps throughout her education. Those experiences became a foundation for her to guide and chart her journey as a Programme Consultant. She shadowed a few camp chiefs at the beginning and became picked up the skills to become a camp chief reasonably quickly. After heading 10 camps of differing audiences in less than a year, Zihui has definitely become a seasoned Programme Consultant.

Zihui enjoys working with younger children as they bring out the child in her. Most importantly, Zihui gains immense happiness, watching them gain confidence in executing tasks they thought they couldn’t do.

As a Programme Consultant, Zihui does not just lead camps and make them fun. A lot of skills, such as organisational skills, networking, adaptability and dedication, are put to the test when spearheading a programme.

Zihui’s favourite camp was CodeFest in 2019. There, she headed the planning and execution of the camp for the first time on her own, without her supervisor’s guidance. It was tough to execute such a big scale programme, balancing the needs and requirements from multiple stakeholders, and ensuring the programme runs smoothly. However, Zihui was satisfied as the clients complimented Zihui and her team for going above and beyond to ensure the camp was a success.

Zihui also writes articles for our blog. Check out some of the pieces she has written here.