Design Thinking Via Archery

Dear Parents,

Thank you for registering your child for this Design Thinking via Archery.

This program is a series of progressive hands-on lessons that reinforce the learning of Design Thinking and STEM both in the classroom and outdoors. 

Participants will have the opportunity to learn : 

  • how heat affects the physical properties of plastics and how they can be bent and shaped accordingly 
  • how the structure and design of the bow help improve performance. 
  • how color and design patterns can distinguish their bow from others. 
  • Using paper arrows, understand how weight distribution affects flight and performance.
  • how to care for oneself and others as they go through shooting courses as a team. 

Please remind your child to bring along the following items which he/she will need for the program. 

Important Mandatory Items:
  1. Old loose t-shirt to wear when spraying painting bows 
  2. Pencil case to complete the course booklet
  3. Cap to shade against outdoor sun  
  4. Water bottle to remain hydrated 
Optional Items:
  1. Protector Sun Sleeves: To guard against bowstring 
  2. Custom Sticker Labels: Name printed labels to personalize their bow.
  • Protector Sun Sleeves :

    Please note that our instructors will receive your child at the level 1 classrooms (P2 Empathetic) next to Sheltered Car parks. Pick up is also from this location.




    Overview of activities.  

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the program representative listed below via SMS or Whatsapp: 9821 5914 OR 9790 2204.

    We look forward to seeing your child at the designated time slot.