Electric City

An exciting overnight adventure for energetic youths with an array of programs featuring Sentosa's best. Engage your child's creative juices through crafting their own electric race cars and racing tracks! Through time trials, the participants will learn how various designs will affect the performance of the cars.  

Highlights of this camp include:

- Electric Racing
- Camping Accommodation
- Overnight accommodation at Kidzania city square 
- Morning Sunrise Walk
- Priority Access to key stations (includes full day pass)

The program will include themed meals at Sentosa Restaurants and a breakfast cookout in Kidzania's F&B Stations. 

- 1 Dinner 
- 1 Supper 
- 1 Cookout Breakfast
- 2 Lunch 

Participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with youths from different nationalities. 

The program will teach participants to be self-reliant and all participants will be issued with a personal overnight kit.

All of our programs will be conducted by trained and qualified camp instructors with a 1:4 participant ratio. Parents will also have access to photo streams and live video feeds of programs in progress